Stena RoRo heads construction of the world’s largest charity hospital ship
Recently, the international charity Mercy Ships signed an agreement for the construction of Atlantic Mercy (working title), the world's largest civilian hospital ship. Stena RoRo is engaged as project manager. The vessel, an investment of more than $ 100 million, will be built at the Chinese Tianjin Xingang Shipyard and delivery is expected by July 2017.

Atlantic Mercy will serve across the world with approximately 9-10 month-long stops in each port. On board there is room for 154 patients and 600+ crew and medical staff. There are six surgery rooms for both medical care and educational training. The intention is to increase cooperation, training and education for health care personnel in the countries where the ship is active. The total deck area is approximately 30,000 m2 and the vessel is equipped with a school and kindergarten.

Since 1978 Mercy Ships has been engaged in health care with hospital ships.  Since 2007 the Africa Mercy has served in the world's poorest countries and this new ship will more than double their capacity to help those in need.

"We are extremely proud to be involved in this unique project. It is an initiative out of the ordinary where our flexible ship concept will be very useful" says Per Westling, Managing Director of Stena RoRo.

Development of the new, well equipped hospital ship is done in cooperation between several Asian and European companies. Besides Stena RoRo as project manager, Finnish company Deltamarin is responsible for developing the vessel design. The ship is being built at one of China's largest shipyards, the state-owned Tianjin Xingang Shipyard and Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS) in Geneva is the appointed shipbroker.

Atlantic Mercy will be based on Stena RoRo’s in-house RoPax concept “Stena Seabird”, certified as a passenger/cargo vessel for long international voyages with 500 passengers.

The hospital vessel will be classed by Lloyd's Register and fly the Maltese flag.

Africa Mercy, the existing vessel, is currently based off Pointe-Noire, Congo-Brazzaville. A report on Mercy Ships activity was recently shown on CBS "60 Minutes"

For more information, please contact:
Per Westling, Managing Director, Stena RoRo
Tel: +46 31 855154


Facts and figures for the Atlantic Mercy

Length: 174,10 m
Breadth: 28,6 m
Draft (design): 6,15 m
Gross tonnage: 37,000
Deadweight: 4.500 ton

Stena RoRo’s flexible RoPax concept “Stena Seabird” has been modified from a RoRo/Passenger vessel to a pure passenger vessel.

Examples of measures that have been taken:

The interior layout has been completely rearranged
The cargo handling equipment has been changed
The ventilation system has been adapted
The propulsion system has been adapted, i.e. diesel-electric
    is used instead of diesel-mechanical propulsion
The hull shape has been optimized

The vessel is equipped with 4 medium-speed diesel engines, waste heat boilers and silencers.

Bunkering is done with 4-6 months interval.

Provisioning (food, supplies, medicines, etc.) is supplied by the use of 2 x 40 foot containers every week.

The vessel is equipped with cranes for lifting aboard provision and cars used for land transport and other equipment.

High standards of performance for vibration- and noise levels  have been met.