Stena RoRo Reaches a major deal in Canada
​Stena RoRo has, on behalf of Stena Line, reached an agreement with Marine Atlantic to deliver two ferries currently operating between Holland and England. Marine Atlantic is a Canadian Federal Crown Corporation  and is responsible for the ferry crossing between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

The vessels, the Stena Trader and Stena Traveller will be customized according to Marine Atlantic’s requirements. The ferries currently operate on Stena Line’s route between Hoek van Holland and Killingholme. The deal has been set up as a five-year charter agreement with the right to extend the agreement over two five-year periods. Marine Atlantic also has the right to buy the vessels if so preferred.

Stena RoRo has a long standing  business relationship with Marine Atlantic and Stena RoRo has provided the company with nine vessels over the years.

“This  business deal is very important to Stena RoRo, not only financially, but also because it’s our joint expertise that’s paying dividends,” says Bo Severed, CEO of Stena RoRo. “We’re proud of the level of confidence placed in us.”

The vessels will undergo a thorough refit to suit conditions in Canada. Per Westling is Stena RoRo’s deputy CEO and responsible for the refits.

“Over the years we’ve refitted vessels in lots of different ways,” he says.  “ We’re going to shorten the ferries , which is necessary so that they fit in the existing ports. We’re also going to extend the passenger areas and customize them to meet Canadian customers’ requirements.”

Canada’s Minister of Transport announced the deal today at a press conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The significance of a good ferry crossing between Newfoundland and the mainland is extremely important and can be compared with our own crossing to Gotland.

Stena Line will replace the Stena Trader and the Stena Traveller with two similar ferries currently being built in South Korea. Until the new vessels are put into service Stena Line will use replacement vessels to operate the route. 

Stena RoRo
Göteborg, Sweden, 21 May 2010

Any questions will be answered by Bo Severed, CEO, Stena RoRo, Tel: +46 (0)705 36 49 52 or via email