Stena RoRo, the company
Stena RoRo is one of the leading innovators of the roll on/roll off cargo and passenger concepts. We offer RoRo and RoPax vessels with belonging administration.

Stena RoRo enables chartering of RoRo vessels to first-class operators all over the world and our clients are found both within and outside of the Stena Sphere. We are highly skilled and experienced in designing and converting vessels, which we combine with a unique knowledge of our market, to create tailor-made solutions for our demanding customers. We call this Stenability !


Free and increased mobility for people and trade, contributing to greater
prosperity and a sustainable environment.

Business idea

We shall be the most preferred provider of services for connecting the operator and the tonnage provider globally and always aim for long term and repetitive business.

We shall design, build and contribute to vessel operation in an energy efficient way.

Our tools are knowhow, commitment and financial resources