Stena Forwarder
Turnkey solutions the Stenability way
By successfully combining commercial and technical knowledge, Stena RoRo can offer reliable and efficient turnkey solutions based on experience and modern, yet proven RoRo technology. We always aim for repetitive business with our customers and thus make every effort to offer win/win solutions.

As a result of having worked with all the leading operators in the RoRo industry, we have built up the competence required to know what expected and what it takes to offer the customers modern, reliable and cost-efficient transport solutions.

Depending upon customers' needs and preferences, we are able to provide vessels for different types of charters, such as bareboat, time and voyage charters. We offer complete commercial management services for owners and operators internally in the Stena Sphere as well as in the externally market.
Vessels provided by us are operated all over the world, which means that we can contribute with the transfer of know-how between different local markets - we have experience of domestic RoRo traffic in markets such as Australia, Canada and United Arab Emirates.

Over the years, we have gained understanding and knowledge of our customers' and operators' needs and are thus able to offer the required competence for tailor making ships to suit the requirements. In case of opportunities for new and/or modernized ships in the market, we make use of our experience within design, revite and newbuilds to offer our customers technical and manaagment services throughout the process. In the last five years, 12 new RoRos/Ropaxes have been delivered through our support and supervision. Through the years, we have also converted a large number of existing ships in order to, for example, increase the capacity of cargo decks and accommodation, enhance maneuverability or refine cargo access equipment.

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Staffan Stenfelt, Newbuilding Manager, Stena RoRo, talking about the Superferry newbuilding project.


Per Westling, Managing Director, Stena RoRo, talking about the lenghtening of Stena Hollandica.


The shortening of Stena Trader.


The conversion of Stena Alegra in Singapore.