Through the years we have converted a large number of existing ships in order to, for example, increase the capacity of cargo decks and accommodation, enhance manoeuvrability or refine cargo access equipment. We are highly skilled and experienced in designing and converting vessels, which we combine with a unique knowledge of our market, to create tailor-made solutions for our demanding customers. We call this Stenability.


Conversion of Stena Alegra - delivered to Interislander with short delivery time, competitive price and Tailor-made design.

Stena Roro superfast ferries

Conversions of Stena RoRo Superfast ferries - the biggest ferries sailing between Northern Ireland and Scotland.


Shortening of Stena Trader including adding of accommodation block, additional cargo flow solutions and a new interior delivered in only 55 days.


Lengthening of Stena Hollandica - the longest lengthening ever made on a RoPax vessel with an increase of +30%.

Conversions made by Stena Roro

Stena Egeria, Greece 2017 Interior refurbishment and Repair & Maintenance.

Stena Europe, UK 2017 Clear height increase.

Stena Forerunner & Stena Foreteller, Seagoing 2015/2016 – Installation of Scrubbers. Carried out in vessels’ operation, without disturbance to Charterers service.

Stena Alegra, Singapore 2015 – Installation of Fin stabilizers, interior refurbishment, bridge equipment, Pax increase, extension of deck 8, various system modifications.

Stena Superfast X, Poland 2015 – Interior refurbishment and modification of Cargo access equipment.

Stena Germanica, Poland 2015 – Converting Main engines for methanol fuel.

Stena Egeria, China 2014 – Total refurbishment of complete vessel in China.

Stena Feronia, Gibraltar 2013 – Pax Increase.

Aurora, Sweden 2012 – Interior refurbishment.

Stena Superfast 7 & 8, Poland 2011 – Simultaneously on both vessels increase of free height, removal of cabins and interior refurbishment.

Stena Baltica, Sweden 2011 – Installation of a tiltable ramp & hoistable cardeck.

Stena Germanica & Stena Scandinavica, Poland 2010/2011 – Additional 100 cabins and interior refurbishment.

Stena Vision & Stena Spirit, Sweden 2010/2011 – Increase of cargo capacity and interior refurbishment.

Stena Trader & Stena Traveller, Germany 2010/2011 – Shortening 12 m and additional accommodation areas.

Borja, Netherlands 2010 – Installation of WT door in lower hold.

Corragio, Italy 2010 – Stern ramp modifications, additional mooring winches.

Ark Forwarder, Poland 2009 – Installation of side ramp and 58t cargo crane.

Stena Danica, Germany 2008 – Upgrading due to new regulations.

Stena Foreteller, Seagoing 2008 – Installation of hoistable cardeck. Carried out in vessel’s operation, without disturbance to Charterers service.

Stena Hollandica & Stena Britannica, Germany 2007 – Lengthening 52 meters & 30 meters respectively and additional cabin capacity.

Stena Baltica, Poland 2005 – Removal of cabins and increase of trailer capacity, interior refurbishment.

Stena Freighter, Croatia 2003 – Completion of interrupted newbuilding.

Stena Nautica, Sweden 2001 – Additional trailer deck.