Over the years, we have gained understanding and knowledge of our customers and operators needs and are thus able to offer the required competence for tailor making ships to suit the requirements. Since 1999 we have designed, contracted, built, and delivered several completely newly built vessels. We have also supported with management services throughout the process.


Staffan Stenfelt, Newbuilding Manager at Stena RoRo, talking about the Superferry - one of our newbuilding projects delivered 2010 and 2011.


Stena E-flexer NB 263271, AVIC Shipyard, Weihai China 2016- | Ropax

Global Mercy, Design & project management, Xingang China 2015- | Hospital ship

Stena Seabridger Mk-II Class, Samsung NB 1807 – 1808, South Korea 2011 | RoPax

Stena Superferry Class, Nordic Yards NB 159 & 164, Germany 2010–2011 | RoPax

Stena Seabridger Mk-I Class, Fosen NB 74 – 75, Norway 2006–2007 | RoPax

Stena Seamaster Class, Hyundai NB1392 – 1393, South Korea 2003 | RoPax

Stena 4-Runner Mk-II Class, Dalian NB 123-1 – 123-3, China 2002–2003 | RoRo

Stena Seapacer Class, AESA NB 78 – 81, Spain 1999–2001 | RoPax

Stena 4-Runner Mk-I Class, SEC NB 1546, Italy 1998 | RoRo

Launching of new Stena E-flexer

Watch the movie about the first E-Flexer, named Stena Estrid, which was launched on January 16th 2019.